*Mutual aid response to Middlebury* Last night just after 22:30, Wellsboro Fire Department responded to the report of a building fire in Middlebury’s first due district
By Wellsboro Fire Department
February 25, 2024

Tanker 1-5 (Chief 1-10-McCarthy), Engine 1-3, Rescue 1-8 and Ambulance 1-6 responded.

Tanker 1-5 and its manpower proceeded to the scene and supplied the drop tank operation and provided manpower in fire suppression efforts.

Engine 1-3 proceeded to a nearby water source and established a water supply for tanker shuttle operations.

Rescue 1-8 and ambulance 1-6 provided lighting and emergency medical services support.

Crews operated on the scene for approximately an hour and a half before being released by command.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who responded. As well as our volunteers from the areas other departments (Middlebury, Chatham)Your service is truly appreciated!